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I enjoy playing the guitar and singing. I firmly believe one can never have too many guitars. My latest acquisition is a Roger McGuinn Martin HD7. I've been married for 48 years. My husband is an ultra-cyclist and we spend a lot of time traveling to his many cycling events. We also enjoy riding on his vintage Triumph Tiger Cub motorcycle. Attending folk and rock concerts is another of our favorite activities.

My profile changed on January 19, 2012, when my beloved John passed away in an accident in our own backyard just 12 days after we celebrated our 49th wedding anniversary. My life for the past 6 months has been a journey to pick up the pieces and put my life back together. A strong faith in God, the love of my son and his family, and the support of friends and neighbors have helped me in this journey. My love of music is also helping me on my way. John and I loved all sorts of music, especially folk music. We sat most afternoons and sang and played. Some of our favorite music was that of Roger McGuinn. His music is helping me through some very lonely days now. When I'm missing my beloved John so much, I can put on one of Roger's CDs and get out the guitar and strum and sing along, and it makes me feel John still close to me and that takes away some of the pain and loneliness. John and I did everything together and went everywhere together for 49 years. We were practically inseparable. Learning how to live without that relationship is a huge challenge. I'm getting better at it, but right now, I don't think I will ever reach a place where I will feel like a complete being without him.

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  • Missing John

    I'm missing my beloved John so much today. This would have been his 71st birthday. We shared 49 wonderful years together before he died in an accident in our own back garden in January. We were best friends and did everything together. It's a...



  • Posted 11:53am July 13th, 2013
    Happy 71st Birthday to Roger McGuinn!! 

  • Posted 11:53am July 13th, 2013
    Happy 71st Birthday to Roger McGuinn!! 

  • Posted 11:53am July 13th, 2013
    Happy 71st Birthday to Roger McGuinn!! 

  • Posted 11:53am July 13th, 2013
    Happy 71st Birthday to Roger McGuinn!! 

  • Posted 12:37am March 26th, 2013
    I'm a great grandmom! Brianna Grace was born at 1:37 this afternoon. Mom Erika, baby, and Dad (My Grandson Ian, son of my son John M.) are all doing well. She is tiny (5 lbs. 12 oz. 19 1/2 inches), perfect, and a beautiful little miracle.

  • Posted 6:33pm November 3rd, 2012

    I just posted photos that were taken on Hallowe'en. I'm sure some people would think I have a rather weird way of dealing with this holiday in regards to the loss of my dear John. John and I had so much fun on Hallowe'en. We loved dressing up in costume and interacting with the kids who came trick-or-treating. John was so passionate and full of life. I knew that he would have wanted me to carry on our traditions. This time of the year is going to be hard for me every year, as John and I met on my Father's birthday, Sept. 28 and dated through the holiday season. This was the part of the year when we fell in love and courted. We married on Jan. 7. Sometimes the only way you can handle the pain of losing someone so dear to you is to use humor. And although I'm sure a lot of people will consider this rather sick humor, I included John in Hallowe'en the only way I knew how. I dressed up a skeleton and put John's tambourine in his hands and introduced him to the kids as Cap'n John and I sang the sea shanties we sang together. I'm sure John would have loved it.

  • Posted 9:51pm October 28th, 2012

    On Oct. 19 my son John, his wife Melinda, his youngest son Scott, and I set off for St. George, Utah with the Calfee Dragonfly tandem strapped to the roof and tons of luggage and the 2 Martin Backpackers in the back of their Rav4. We stopped off at the Mad Greek in Baker for Gyros and date shakes. As we progressed along the road, John and Mel declared that Scott and I, by virtue of the fact that we had never traveled this way with them before, were officially "road trip virgins" and we were therefore required to get out of the car at all State border signs to have a photograph taken. Since the road passes through Nevada and Arizona before ending up in Utah, all within a few miles, we were hopping in and out of the car every few minutes. I'm sure every one else on the road was cursing the Crazies from California.

    We had a very interesting experience with Siri on the iPhone. Our hotel was on the left-hand side of the street, but there was a wide median. Siri therefore sent us up a road that climbed up the side of the mountain and then proceeded to lead us around in a large circle through a residential area then back down the mountain and instructed us to turn left. There was our hotel right across the street from where we had been sent up the mountain road. Ah, technology!

    We settled into the hotel room and went to bed early, as John and Scott would be riding the Tour de St. George on Saturday and needed to get up early.

    John and Scott took off on Saturday morning on the Calfee headed for the start line. I got up just long enough to take a photo as they were leaving then went back to bed! Mel and I spent the morning roaming around St. George and doing some shopping. We stopped off for a salad and were interupted by a phone call from John saying they should be crossing the finish in about an hour. We finished lunch and drove over to the finish line. Unfortunately, John had not realized that they had quite a bit of climbing to do in the last few miles of the century ride, so it took them 2 more hours. Six hours is still a very respectable time for their first official ride on the tandem.

    John and Scott partook of the post ride Mexican meal and then we all headed for the hotel we'd booked for the second night's stay. We arrived to find a very new looking Best Western. Our room wasn't ready, but they invited us to take a swim in the beautiful swimming pool while we waited for the room. We spent an hour enjoying the pool. We moved all our stuff up to the room and the guys got a much deserved hot shower. By that time, 22 year old Scott (who stands 6' 5" and is continuously hungry) declared that he was going to expire from starvation. We located an Outback Steakhouse and enjoyed a great dinner.

    The drive home Sunday was long, but we had a lot of fun along the way. I always end up laughing until my ribs hurt every time I am with my son and his family. I've posted a few photos of our trip in an album.



  • Posted 6:03pm October 9th, 2012

    Congratulations to Team Foals 4x for finishing the Furnace Creek 508 on Sunday in 32:37:52. Team members were John M. Clare, Ira Kucheck, Didier Ryser, and Rick Jacobson. They rode the event in honor of John T. Clare and David Bradley who both passed away this year. John T. and David had raced the FC 508 with Rick and Ira as the 4-man relay Team Foals. John M. had wanted to do a tribute ride to his Dad and set about several months ago to gather some of his team mates from the 5 Furnace Creek 508 races that John T. rode. Rick and Ira were the only 2 former teammates that were available to do the race this year. And the team felt very fortunate to have found Didier who had ridden with John T. at the El Camino Double and really wanted to be part of this tribute team. It had started out as a tribute ride for John T., but then David lost a long battle with cancer just a couple of months ago, and they felt they wanted to honor him as well. It was very moving for me to see John M. set off on his Dad's Litespeed from Santa Clarita at 9:30 Saturday morning. Equally moving when Rick crossed the finish line in Twenty-nine Palms Sunday evening. We shared some special memories as I met him at the finish line and we both shed a few tears. More tears were shed when John M. asked the photograper to wait a minute as the team was photographed on the podium with their finisher's jerseys and medals. "I have to go get my Dad," he exclaimed. He ran to the team van to retrieve his Dad's 508 jersey that John T. won the year John M. and I crewed his team. John M. has carried that jersey every ride this year and on the 508 as well so that his Dad could ride with him. The team proudly held up the jersey for one more photo. I know John T. was there in spirit with that big beaming smile of his so proud of his son. I strongly suspect my Dad's spirit was there, too. He ran his own bicycle shop for many years and got the family started in cycling. John M. was always very close to him and I know Grandpa would have been proud.

    I'd also like to congratulate Seana Hogan who was the first woman racer over the line and Kevin Walsh who struggled with stomach problems but valiantly fought on to the finish line. Both of these racers are in their 50's.

    It's very inspirational to watch all the racers who come from all over the world to do this race. My son and I crewed for John T. the first year he did the race with his partner Dan Crain and they set the 50+ age group record at 29:53:01. The last time John T. did the race he was in his late 60's. This whole weekend was very emotional for me. There were all the memories from the 13 years that John T. and I were involved with cycling and seeing friends from our cycling years that I haven't seen since he passed away. Also very special because my daughter-in-law Melinda (John M.'s wife) and their youngest son Scott were there, too.

    Melinda proved to be a hero at the finish line! One member of the French Canadian team passed out right in front of us. Melinda as well as being a middle school teacher is a trained EMT. She administered first aid to the rider and got him back up on his feet. No serious injuries, but he gave us all a scare. He was just happy that he'd successfully completed the FC508 and received his finisher's jersey and medal before collapsing!

    All-in-all a great weekend that I will never forget! I've posted some photos in an album.

  • Posted 4:39pm October 6th, 2012

    Good luck to my son John M., Rick, Ira, and Didier, riding as 4-man Team Foals in the Furnace Creek 508 this weekend in tribute to John T. Clare and David Bradley. John took off on the first leg of the ride at 9:30 this morning carrying the 508 jersey his Dad John T. wore the year that John M. and Mom Sandye crewed the 508 for John T. He's carried that jersey on every ride he's done this season so his Dad could ride with him.

  • Posted 11:50pm October 1st, 2012

    I spent the weekend up in Vacaville, CA with my son John, his wife Melinda, their youngest son Scott, family friend Brian and his son Jake and Kevin, a cycling friend of both my son and my late husband. On Saturday, John rode a Double Century bike ride. Kevin did only part of the course, as he is going to be doing a solo ride of the Furnace Creek 508 net weekend. John did the entire ride, as his Furnace Creek ride will be on 4-man team made up of former two former 508 teammates of his Dad, John, and Didier who had ridden with John T. on some doubles. The team is riding as a tribute to John T. and to David Bradley who passed away from cancer very recently.

    The rest of us spent Saturday in Sacramento in Old Town just looking in all the interesting shops, taking a tour of the Railroad Museum, and visiting the State Capitol. And, of course, eating too much!

    On Sunday, John and Kevin were inducted into the California Triple Crown Hall of Fame for riding 50 double centuries. It was a very emotional morning. Chuck Bramwell who heads the CTC paid tribute to John T. Clare, who passed in January. John M. in accepting his plaque told the crowd that this was bittersweet for him because although he was proud of his accomplishment and happy to receive the honor, he had hoped to be doing his rides this season with his Dad and having Dad there to see him get this honor. We're all very proud of John and we all know that John T. was there in spirit. I've posted some photos.

  • Posted 2:39pm September 25th, 2012

    Yesterday was not such a great day! I take a brisk walk every morning except Monday, but because I'd been ill the week before and missed some of my walks, I went ahead and set out on a walk yesterday. I have to cross one busy street every morning. As usual, I stopped at the signal and waited for it to change and then checked carefully for cars making a right turn. There were no cars coming, so I proceeded across the street. About 3 steps from the curb, a big black SUV came swinging around the corner going like a bat out of hell and sideswiped me and threw me down hard. The guy only stopped long enough for me to get his license # and name and a phone# and seemed much more concerned that he was late to work than that he had just struck a pedestrian! He left me alone to walk back home. I called my son and he stayed on the cellphone with me until I got home, then his wife came and took me to the ER. They did Xrays and other tests and didn't find anything broken or anything to indicate any internal injuries. I have a sprained right foot and both elbows are very badly bruised and scraped. The right elbow had a hematoma on it the size of a lemon. I fell right onto my right hip where I had sustained a severe hematoma 5 years ago in a bad bicycle crash. The area had never completely recovered and is now reinjured and painful. And I've got a number of other bumps and bruises. But I'm grateful that I didn't get more severely injured and I usually bounce back from these things pretty quickly. I would lay odds that the guy who hit me was either on his cell phone talking or was texting someone when he hit me! Be careful out there. Even walking isn't safe anymore!

  • Posted 11:19pm September 22nd, 2012

    The family and I have been up to a lot of fun in the past couple of months. A few weeks ago, my son and his wife went to see John "Bowser" Baumann and his DooWop Show. We had a blast! Even did a bit of dancing in the aisles.

    Last weekend, my son and I drove up to Bishop, CA, where he did a 200 mile Bicycle Race (Which he finished in a little over 14 hours despite the over 20,000 feet of climbing, the hideous heat, and an unrelenting headwind all the way in from the last checkpoint). I, on the other hand, went shopping! We enjoyed just being together for the whole weekend.

    On Wednesday, Sept. 19, we all celebrated International Talk Like A Pirate Day, and this year we did it in honor of our dear departed Cap'n John who was the coolest pirate we ever knew, and ye can lay t' that, me heartie! ARRRRRRRRRR!!

    Last night, as we enjoy celebrating the great diversity in our family, we went to an Oktoberfest celebration. My son's Mother-in-Law immigrated from Germany. His wife speaks fluent German and, of course, is very familiar with German culture and customs. The group included my son and his wife and mother-in-law and youngest son and 2 of his buddies, one of the friends' mom and myself. When the Chicken Dance music came on, it looked pretty simple, so I just stood up and started doing it with my daughter-in-law and the kids. The kids were dumbfounded that a supposedly dignified old grandmother was doing this silly dance with them! My Grandson Scott literally jumped over the table and did the dance with me. When it was over, I got high-fives all around from the kids! It was a lot of fun. Noisy, but fun! I've posted photos from Pirate Day and Oktoberfest.

  • Posted 1:13am August 15th, 2012

    Last Tuesday night my son John, his wife Melinda and their youngest son Scott, friends Brian, Jake, and Xio went to the Buddy Guy Concert at the Greek Theatre in L.A. John and Brian surprised everyone by hiring a stretch Hummer limo so we could play "rock stars" for the evening. We loaded up a yummy chicken dinner and took off for the Greek Theatre. There was a great band playing outside the theatre when we got there and I believe B.B. King's drummer sat in with them for a while.

    The show was great. Jonny Lang opened for Buddy Guy. Buddy was fantastic. The only disappointment was that he didn't play longer. He also brought on 2 young musicians ages 13 and 9 who blew the place away.

    What a fantastic night!

  • Posted 7:28pm August 1st, 2012

    Happy 49th Birthday to my blue-eyed son John M.!

  • Posted 2:51pm July 31st, 2012

    I'm missing my beloved John very much today. This would have been his 71st birthday.

  • Posted 9:28pm June 29th, 2012

    Son John continues his cycling season. He's done several rides since the Davis Double including an attempt at the Grand Tour Quad. (400 miles, 24-hour time limit). He and his team were beset by mechanicals and had to settle for the Triple. They did 300 miles in less than 18 hours. This weekend, John faces the Alta Alpine Double up in the Lake Tahoe area. It's a very difficult course with a lot of climbing. Mom, of course, has her fingers crossed. I'm very proud of John. He's lost over 80 pounds since last Fall and whipped himself into such great shape that he is now being recognized in the California Triple Crown peloton on his owns merits and not because his Dad was the rider with the most Doubles. After all, it was the son who introduced the father to the sport in this case. John T. would have been very proud of his son's accomplishments in the CTC. Just wish he could have lived to see what's happening.

  • Posted 9:16pm June 29th, 2012

    Last Friday night (22 June 2012) my Grandson Scott and I along with his friend Xio attended the Rockbottom Remainders Concert at the El Rey Theatre in L.A. What a night! We were fortunate enough to stand right by the stage directly in front of Roger McGuinn. We all had a ball and what a show they put on! A very fitting tribute to their founder Kathi Kamen Goldmark who passed in May.

  • Posted 11:05pm May 20th, 2012

    Correction on John's time for the Davis Double! I said a little over 13 hours. His time was actually 12:31:48, good for 5th place overall!

  • Posted 10:19pm May 20th, 2012

    In my excitement about my son's accomplishment, I forgot to mention another exciting aspect of the weekend. My husband and I had sold our Calfee dragonfly tandem to friends a few years ago. When they decided to sell it just after my husband died, I decided that it should come home and made arrangements with my friends to rebuy the bike. My son and I picked up the Calfee in Davis and brought it home with us where it belongs. And even more exciting, I've decided to make an attempt at getting back to riding with my son as the captain on the tandem. No more double centuries, mind you, but I would love to do short rides as a tandem stoker again.

  • Posted 10:06pm May 20th, 2012

    What a great weekend! My son John M. has successfully completed his 50th Double Century (200 miles in one day) bike ride, thus joining his Dad John T. in the California Triple Crown Hall of Fame. John T. had done 152 Doubles putting him at number one in Cal Triple Crown. After his Dad passed in January, John M. decided to dedicate this season to his Dad and has ridden one of John T.'s bikes and carried one of his favorite jerseys along on each ride so that his Dad could ride with him symbolically. This ride proved to be a challenge and proved what determination my son has. At about mile 96, one of his spokes broke and twisted itself into the wheel, almost taking out the derailleur. Fortunately, a support vehicle was near and helped John get the wheel back into good enough shape to ride into the lunch stop where mechanics were able to get everything fixed well enough for John to continue his ride. (Thank you to the Davis bike club for the great support they give the riders at the Davis Double Century). He finished in a little over 13 hours. This was a very special ride not only because it put John M. into the Hall of Fame, but also because it is a ride his Dad and I had done on our tandem in 2005. I couldn't be prouder of my son, and I know his Dad would be beaming from ear to ear with pride. So would my father who was the one who taught all of us to love cycling.

  • Posted 4:59pm May 16th, 2012

    I'm making progress in getting through the grieving process after John's passing. I miss him terribly, but I am slowly getting used to being alone and doing things for myself. My son and his family and some great friends and neighbors have been a great help in getting through this.

    My son, who introduced my husband to long distance bicycle riding, has dedicated his season to his Dad and is riding his Dad's bikes and carrying his favoritie riding jersey along. He will soon be riding the Davis Double Century, which when he completes it will give him 50 Double Centuries in the California Triple Crown, and that puts him in the Hall of Fame. He has worked very hard whipping himself into great shape in order to get back into the riding and has done so in a very impressive manner. Mom is proud!

    I've also been able to acquire 2 things that John and I had been looking for in the past few years: A Roger McGuinn Signature Martin HD7 guitar and a Roger McGuinn Signature Rickenbacker 12-string. I'm having a lot of fun (and probably annoying the heck out of the neighbors!) playing them. One of my grandsons is learning to play, so these beautiful guitars will have a good place to go when I leave the planet.

    I have also left the stone ages and moved into the modern world by acquiring an iPhone. My grandchildren assure me that I will soon learn to use it. At present, I have some doubts as to the wisdom of acquiring this device, as I am rather technologically challenged.

    The stress of losing John put me back into some bad eating habits and I gained a few pounds. That's back under control and I've gotten a good start on taking those pounds off. For compulsive over-eaters like me, the important thing is to not guilt-trip yourself, but to weigh in frequently so you can see what is happening and then using whatever technique it is that works for you to get your problem under contral quickly. At least that is what has worked for me for nearly 3 decades.

    And now if you will excuse me, I'm going to go crack out the HD7 and play for a while. That's what John and I did every afternoon. I played my guitars and he banged on his tambourine and we sang folk songs. I always finish with "Mr. Tambourine Man" whenever I play in tribute to him, because he was my Tambourine Man.

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I am recently widowed. John and I were 19 and 21 when we married and had just celebrated our 49th anniversary 12 days before he died in a freak accident in our own backyard. I have 2 children and 4 grandchildren.


AA Degree from Santa Ana College in the Humanities. That simply means I changed majors so many times they had to invent something. I took a lot of English, foreign language and music classes. I found that I was interested in so many things that I couldn't settle on a major. I returned to school at California State University at Long Beach in the mid-70's, but never completed a degree there.


I'm very happy with my life. I want to just continue as I am now, trying to learn something new every day and living everyday to the fullest.

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